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As a Business Owner, Board Member, CEO, HODs, Senior Manager and any other key staff manage an organization, what are the Risks and Exposures facing your organization? Have you put in place any mitigating measures? How do you identify these risks and put in mitigating measures? What are the red flags? What exactly is your role?

Understanding your organization’s risks and exposures, and acquiring skills to mitigate these risks is not an option for any Director or Senior Manager. While the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that the organization has identified risks and instituted measures to mitigate such exposures rests with the board, establishing an effective risk management framework is an essential and critical part of the management function;- senior managers must  acquire an understanding of these risks as a basis of ensuring that boards comply with this requirement. This way, management is able to help boards to comply with this important requirement of establishing an effective risk management framework. Furthermore, identification of risks and putting in place mitigating measures is not the function of Internal Audit or Risk Managers; - while these functions have a key role in facilitating and guiding in Risk Management process, functional organizational players have the basic responsibility of identifying risks relevant to their areas of operation, and establish mitigating strategies against them by firmly embedding sound risk management practices across all the organization functions.

Hammond Tutu & Gunther Kenya Ltd will be conducting a two - day Seminar on Enterprise Risk Management for Managers and Directors and Business Owners on 15th & 16th June 2017 - Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi
Benefits of this Seminar

This two day overview is designed to take participants step by step through Enterprise Risk Management practices for your organizations. We will discuss the generally accepted ways of identifying Risks & Control lapses, and instituting mitigation strategies on these areas. Among key issues of discussion will be;- common internal control and compliance  exposure areas, formalizing risk management framework , Management & Directors’ responsibilities in maintaining a effective risk management practice , fraud and risk in decision making. This is an important Seminar for any Director and for Senior Managers as it equips participants with practical knowledge and understanding of enterprise and process risk.

Who Should Participate

The Seminar is particularly useful to all involved in Strategy, Risk and Compliance, Management, i.e., CEOs, Board Members, Audit Committees, HODS, Risk officers, Strategy Managers, Auditors (Internal & External).

Date - 15th & 16th June 2017
Venue - 
Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi 
Fees- Ksh 47,500 per Participant Plus V.A.T

Target Group- All involved in Strategy, Risk and Compliance, ie, Board Members, Senior Managers & Heads of Departments, Auditors, Risk officers,Unit Supervisors and all other Managers   Note -
1.        Our programs are NITA Approved (Ref NITA/TRN/761), and participants can therefore claim refund from NITA
2.        Participants are issued with a certificate of participation. Organizations sponsoring more than 3 participants get the 4th to attend free.

 Seminar Coverage

  1. Demystifying Enterprise Risk Management-Evolution, Risk Management Concepts and Frameworks
  2. Risk Management , Strategic Planning and Governance
  3. Internal Controls and Risk Management.
  4. Identifying and Assessing Organizational Risks.
  5. Establishing and Formalizing Risk management Framework.
  6. Planning and Conducting a detailed risk assessment.
  7. Risk Management strategies.
  8. Detecting, Investigating and Preventing fraud using Risk Management Systems.
  9. Biases and Risks in Decision Making 
  10. ERM Ownership- Role of Internal Audit, Functional Managers in Risk Management.
  11. Role of Board and Audit committee in risk management.
  12. Embedding a culture of Risk Management in the organization.


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Board Members, Senior Managers & Heads of Departments, Auditors, Risk officers,Unit Supervisors and all other Manager

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