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Compliance with Tax  legislation has become a top agenda in determination of an Organization’s Risk Profile. An understanding of Tax Planning and Management measures and an awareness of the thin line between Tax Planning and Management & Tax Crimes is important if personnel involved in Tax Management is to be effective in minimizing an organization’s risk yet be effective at managing tax. All Senior Finance Personnel (Heads of Finance, Financial Controllers, Finance Managers and other Senior Finance staff), Risk & Compliance Officers, Internal Audit staff and  other decision-makers must have an understanding of their organization’s compliance requirements, risk profile and exposures as a basis of acquiring requisite skills to effectively manage tax and  mitigate tax exposures.

Hammond, Tutu and Gunther Kenya Limited will be conducting a two-day seminar on Tax Compliance, Planning & Management, at  Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. The seminar will cover the following broad tax compliance requirements;- Corporate Tax (including emerging issues such as Transfer Pricing & Thin Capitalisation), VAT, With Holding Tax, Payroll Tax, Taxation of Retirement Benefits. The Seminar will also discuss  the following tax planning and management areas;- Tax Planning v/s Tax Crimes, KRA Audits (Triggers & Management), Tax Payers Rights & Obligations.

This is an important forum for all Senior Finance staff, Tax staff, Internal Audit staff and any other personnel dealing with the organizations Accounting, Financial Management Risk & Compliance functions. See detailed course content below.       

Seminar Details

DATE: JULY 13th - 14th 2017

Time;- 8.30am to 4.30pm

 Venue -  Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi

Target Group- Heads of Finance, Financial Controllers, Finance Managers, Chief Accountants, Internal Audit Staff, Compliance officers, Tax Managers, Tax Accountants. 

Fees- Kshs 47,500/= (Excluding VAT)

 Note- Our Seminars are DIT Approved. DIT / TRN/761

All participants will be issued with certificates of attendance.
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Comprehensive Course Content
Tax  Compliance, Planning & Management

  1. Corporate Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Tax Incentives
  • Allowable / disallowable Expenses/ Income
  • Compensating Tax
     Thin Capitalization
  • Transfer Pricing
  1. Withholding Tax
  • Double tax agreements
  • Services subject to WH Tax
  • WithHolding Tax / With Holding VAT
  • Various Tax Rates
  1. VAT
  •    Taxable Supplies
  •    Refund claims
  •   Double Tax agreements
  • With Holding VAT
  1. Personal/Employee Taxation    • Basis of taxation
    • Tax exempt income – Are employees of exempt Organisations exempt?
    • Tax-free remuneration
    • Allowable deductions from income
    • Employer/employee responsibilities
    • Common PAYE problems & penalties
    • Special cases
           » Home Ownership Savings Scheme (HOSP)
           » Mortgage interest
           » Multiple PAYE sources

    Expatriate Taxation & Immigration Law
    • How are expatriates taxed?
           » Expatriates working for you but outside Kenya
           » Are there any special considerations?
    • What is the tax exposure to the local employer?
    • The work permits

    Tax payers’ Rights and Responsibilities
    • Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a taxpayer?
    • Find out what the Taxpayers’ Charter says?

Limited Slots are available for this Seminar. Book Early. You can get more information by contacting us on the contact details shown below. 

  1. Tax Planning & Tax Crimes
    • Tax planning is legal while tax evasion is illegal. There is however a very thin line between the two!
    • Discover the dividing line
    • How do you tax plan without exposing your organisation?
    • When do you become a Tax criminal?
    • Tax planning measures on PAYE
  2. Taxation of Retirement Benefits
    • KRA vs. RBA
    • Taxation of contributions and withdrawals
    • Tax planning for your retirement benefits
  3. Managing Audits by KRA
    • What triggers KRA Audits?

• What to do before, during and after a KRA audit 

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