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A Management Development Program

A Modular Management Development Program Covering 10 Critical Areas of Developing a Business to Success

AJIRA Management Development Program (AJIRA MDP) is an 10 Modules Program covering the most critical aspects of business management that every Business owner, Manager, Entrepreneur, Board member or even Business Partner must have in order to run a business successfully. This Program covers these 10 carefully selected areas- The Program runs in Serene learning environments aimed at giving participants conducive learning and interaction opportunities. Villa Rosa Kempinski, Serena, Radisson Blu, Hotel Intercontinental or equivalent are some of the venues for this program. Cost for a complete suite (10 modules) is Kshs 160,000/=. Cost for one module is Kshs 20,000/=. This cost is inclusive of all requirements, i.e., learning materials, lunches, refreshments and Certification.

This Program is NITA Certified. (National Industrial Training Authority)

Module 1- Governance Set the Right Structures to Support your Business Growth

Program Overview

Getting the Structure right from the onset ensures that the business takes off and runs smoothly and with minimal confusion about responsibilities and accountabilities, and with clear policies, procedures, clarity in employee roles, management roles and owners /directors roles. All these ensure that your business growth is supported by a strong base. Business owners who participate in this program get insights on how to structure relationship with their colleague directors, their management and staff so as to create an effective business environment and culture.

This module is particularly useful to owners, directors and their senior managers.

Module 2-Planning & Budgeting – Using Budgets as a tool to Plan for the Business

Program Overview

This module gives Business Owners and Managers practical insights on how to embed a Budgeting Culture within the organization as a tool to help the business focus its resources optimally towards achievement of its objectives. How can the organization use budgeting to monitor and control cost, cash flows and all the activities in the Business?

This module is particularly useful to Business Owners, Finance staff and Managers who are in charge of a significant aspect of the operations.

Module 3-Management Skills- Become A More Effective Leader. Management & Leadership Skills that will help you harness your employee’s efforts and grow a great team.

Program Overview

This Module imparts skills that enables Business Owners and Managers to achieve team synergy from all employees and eventual success. The program is designed to give a blend between crucial Management & Leadership skills crucial in enabling organizations harness all employees’ efforts towards achieving organization goals, ie, achieving to team leadership that drives performance.

This module is particularly useful to Business Owners and anyone managing other staff.

Module 4-Internal Controls – is your Business losing money through Theft, Fraud, and Leakages? Which areas are most prone, and how do you put in Controls?

Program Overview

The Module provides awareness of areas that are prone to internal control lapses, theft, fraud, misuse and inefficiencies that have potential of leading to leakages and losses. This module gives insights of red flags and what Business Owners and Managers need to look out for to detect theft, fraud and misuse. The module discusses practical ways of instituting Internal Controls in an organization.

This module is particularly useful to Business Owners, and their Managers who deal with the core operations and Finance staff.

Module 5-Sales & Marketing – Creating a High Achieving Sales Team.

Program Overview

The objective of this Program is to guide Business Owners and Managers on how to build a strong sales team that will deliver high performance for the business. Identifying and recruiting a High Performers, Compensation methods, Sales Planning and Targeting, Reviewing Performance, Coaching and Transforming an ordinary sales team into a HIGH ACHIEVING SALES TEAM – a dependable and trusted team on whom the business depends on to deliver on targets continuously.

This module is very useful to Business Owners and Managers in charge of Sales.

Module 6-Financial Management- Understanding the Business Financials and Performance

Program Overview

The objective of this Program is to provide Business Owners and their Managers who do not have Finance background with basic financial management skills to enable them monitor the business performance and manage their organizations’ finances. The Program enables participants to have a basic understanding of how an accounting system works, how financial statements are generated, possible errors and misstatements that they need to be aware about. Other areas covered are Interpretation of Financial Statements and Financial Analysis. Participants are able to engage productively with their finance teams and ask the right questions after attending this module.

This module is very useful to Business Owners, other Directors and non-finance Managers.

Module 7-Customer Service Excellence- Retain your Customers by Creating a Business that is responsive to the 21st Century Customer

Program Overview

This Module gives insights in how to embed a Stellar Customer Service Culture in the organization. The program enables Business Owners and functional Managers to put in place practices that ensures that customers are satisfied at every point of interaction with the organization. This program enables appreciation of the evolving nature of 21st Century Customer and focuses on what businesses must do to retain existing customers.

This module is very useful to Business Owners and Managers.

Module 8-Cashflows and Working Capital Management- Manage your Cashflows and Working Capital to have smooth operations.

Program Overview

The objective of this module is to give insights on how to maintain a healthy liquidity for the business so that it can operate smoothly. How do you balance your operational cash flows, manage debtors and creditors optimally, raise short term liquidity, and generate cashflows from your operations? The Program addresses how day to day operational activities affect cashflows. This program enables participants to manage the cashflows sufficiently enough to satisfy both operational expenses and longer term growth needs.

This is an important module Business Owners, Partners, Operational Managers.

Module 9-Labour Laws Compliance- the Must Know Labour Laws Compliance issues for every Business Owner and Manager.

Program Overview

This Program gives an overview of Emerging Labor Laws Compliance Issues that if not dealt with properly, expose organizations to disputes and expensive labour disputes. The program highlights areas that pose the most significant threat to an organization in areas such as staff contracts, discipline, terminations and other areas such as WIBA and OSHA.

This module is very useful to Business Owners, Functional Managers and HR Managers.

Module 10-HR Management – Overview of Best Practices on Key HR Management areas.

Program Overview

This HR Management Module has been designed to deal with the many Employee HR issues that face Business Owners and their Managers on a day to day basis. The module provides participants with insights on core best HR practices components on generally applied HR areas such as Discipline, Tasks and Job Allocation as well as the need to develop accurate and comprehensive Job Descriptions to drive success through people.

This module is very useful to Business Owners, Managers, HR Managers.

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